Enameled rectangular aluminum magnet winding wire
The rectangular aluminum magnet wire refers to an enameled aluminum wire with a rectangular wire. Our rectangular(flat) aluminum magnet wire is made with an advanced lacquering process, the primer is made of polyurethane or polyester imide, and the topcoat is made of polyamideimide.
Diameter Range (mm): a:1-10mm, b:3-16mm
Heat resistance rating (℃): 155, 180, 200, 220
Standard: IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS
Color: natural color, red, blue, green
Package: 30kg/50kg, wooden bobbin and according to customer requirements.
Breakdown voltage: 2500/5000V
Resistivity: 0.017241/0.02785 Ω mm2/m

rectangular aluminum magnet wire
The enameled aluminum wire is divided into the shape of the wire, which can be divided into enameled square aluminum wire, enameled round aluminum wire, and rectangular aluminum magnet wire. According to the thickness of the insulation, there are two kinds of enameled wire with thin insulation and thick insulation.
The rectangular aluminum magnet wire is widely used in addition to transformers and motors, it is also widely used in daily life products such as air conditioners, televisions, washing machines, induction cookers, microwave ovens, etc.

rectangular flat winding wire
Performance test of rectangular aluminum magnet wire:
1. The electrical properties of the enameled rectangular aluminum winding wire include: breakdown voltage, film continuity and DC resistance test.
2. The softening breakdown performance of the enameled wire is a measure of the ability of the paint film of the enameled wire to withstand thermal deformation under the action of mechanical force, that is, the ability of the pressure-sensitive paint film to plasticize and soften at high temperatures. The heat-resistant softening and puncture performance of the enameled wire paint film is determined by the molecular structure of the paint film and the force between the molecular chains.
3. Breakdown voltage refers to the ability of the enameled rectangular aluminum winding wire paint film to withstand the voltage load. The main factors affecting the breakdown voltage are: (1) film thickness; (2) film roundness; (3) degree of cure; (4) external impurities in the film.
4. The film continuity test is also called pinhole test. Its main influencing factors are: (1) raw materials; (2) operating process; and (3) equipment.

rectangular aluminum magnet wire
5. DC resistance is the measured resistance value per unit length. Its main influencing factors: (1) the degree of annealing; (2) enamel equipment.
6. Chemical resistance includes solvent resistance and solderability.
7. Solvent resistance. Generally, the enameled rectangular aluminum winding wire is subjected to the impregnation process after being wound into a coil. The solvent in the impregnating varnish has different degrees of swelling effect on the paint film, and is even higher at higher temperatures. The chemical resistance of the enameled wire paint film is mainly determined by the characteristics of the paint film itself. Under certain conditions of the paint, the enamelled process also has a certain influence on the solvent resistance of the enameled wire.
8. The straight soldering performance of the rectangular (flat) aluminum winding wire reflects the ability of the enameled wire to solder during the process of removing the film. The main factors affecting the weldability are: (1): the influence of the process, and (2) the influence of the paint.
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