Enameled square aluminum wire
The enameled square aluminum wire refers to the enameled aluminum wire with a square shape. The enameled wire products we produce are made of polyurethane or polyester imide and are coated with polyamideimide.
Diameter Range (mm): 0.8mm-7mm
Heat resistance rating (℃): 180, 200, 220
Standard: IEC60317-0-2,IEC60317-29 MW36-A
Color: natural color, red, blue, green
Package: 30/50kg wooden spool,plastic spool,we can customize the length according to customer demand.

enameled square aluminum wire
Enamelled aluminum wire has excellent high temperature resistance, mechanical properties, electrical and chemical properties and excellent freeze resistance. It is suitable for long-term work in 200 ° C refrigeration equipment and chemically eroded electrical equipment, dry-type transformers, oil-immersed Transformer and epoxy casting transformers, iron remover, electromagnet and other mechanical and electrical equipment.
Enameled square aluminum wire is a main type of winding wire. It consists of two parts: conductor and insulating layer. After bare wire is annealed and softened, it is baked and baked.

enameled square aluminum wire
Measurement standard for enameled square aluminum wire:
1. Measure the width of the wide side and the narrow side one by one at a distance of 100 mm each, and take the average of the three measured values as the outer dimensions of the wide side and the narrow side.
2. The insulation is removed by any method that does not damage the conductor at three positions of 100mm apart. The width of the wide side and the narrow side are measured once, and the average of the three measured values is taken as the conductor size of the wide side and the narrow side.
3. The paint film of the enameled square aluminum wire has two kinds of thick paint film and ordinary paint film. The thick paint film: 0.11<&≤0.16mm, common paint film: 0.06≤&≤0.11mm.

enameled square aluminum wire
Mechanical properties of enameled square aluminum wire:
1. Mechanical properties: including elongation, rebound angle, softness and adhesion, scraping paint, tensile strength and other items.
2. Elongation reflects the plasticity of the material and is used to evaluate the ductility of the enameled wire.
3. The rebound angle, the softness reflects the elastic deformation of the material, and is used to evaluate the softness of the enameled aluminum wire. Elongation, rebound angle and softness reflect the quality of the copper and the degree of annealing of the enameled wire. The main factors affecting the elongation and rebound angle of the enameled aluminum wire are (1) the quality of the wire; (2) the influence of external force; and (3) the degree of annealing.
4. The toughness of the paint film includes winding and stretching, that is, the allowable tensile deformation amount of the paint film without being broken by the tensile deformation of the conductor.
5. The adhesion of the paint film includes rapid breakage and peeling, and mainly evaluates the adhesion ability of the paint film to the conductor.
6. The scratch resistance test of the enameled aluminum wire paint film reflects the strength of the paint film against mechanical scratches.
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