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Enameled rectangular(flat) copper wire
The enameled rectangular(flat) copper wire is a kind of enameled copper wire, the wire is made of rectangular bare copper wire, and the insulating layer is made of polyurethane or polyimide. This kind of insulation layer is characterized by high temperature resistance, good solvent resistance and refrigerant resistance, and can work under high temperature conditions above 220 °C for a long time.

enameled rectangular copper wire

Diameter Range (mm): a: 1-10 b: 3-16
Heat resistance rating (℃): 130 155 180, 200, 220
Color: natural color, red, blue, green
Package: 30kg/50kg wooden spool, and according to customer requirements.
Breakdown voltage: 2500/5000V
Resistivity: 0.017241/0.02785 Ω mm2/m

enameled flat copper wire

Our enameled rectangular copper wire has good radiation resistance and excellent chemical resistance, and has very good stability. It is suitable for electrical equipment such as transformers, motors, generators, refrigeration compressors, electric motors, household appliances, etc field.

The process of producing enamelled rectangular copper wire is: discharge line → annealing → painting → baking → cooling → lubrication → take-up.

Painting is the process of applying an enameled wire lacquer to a metal conductor to form a uniform lacquer layer of a certain thickness. This physical phenomenon occurs during the painting process:

1. Viscosity---when a liquid flows, the molecules collide with each other to cause one layer of molecules to move with another layer of molecules. This is called viscosity because the interaction between the molecules causes the latter layer to block the movement of the former layer of molecules. Different lacquering methods for enamelled rectangular copper wire. Different wire sizes have different viscosity requirements for lacquer.The size of the viscosity is mainly related to the molecular weight of the resin, the molecular weight of the resin is large, and the viscosity of the paint is large, and it is used for coating thick lines because the mechanical properties of the paint film obtained by the large molecular weight are good. The small viscosity is used for coating fine lines, the resin has a small molecular weight and is easy to coat evenly, and the paint film is smooth.

enameled flat copper wire

2. Surface Tension---a layer of molecules on the surface of a liquid, on the one hand, is attracted by the liquid molecules, and its force is directed to the depth of the liquid. On the other hand, it is attracted by the gas molecules, but the gas molecules are less than the liquid molecules and the distance is far. Therefore, the molecules of the liquid surface layer are greatly attracted by the internal gravity of the liquid, so that the surface of the liquid shrinks as much as possible to form a bead shape. The spherical surface area is minimal in the same volume of geometry, and if the liquid is not subjected to other forces, it is always spherical under surface tension.

According to the surface tension of the surface of the enamelled flat copper wire paint,the uneven surface has different curvatures everywhere, and the positive pressure at each point is unbalanced. Before entering the enamel furnace, the thick lacquer liquid flows to the thin part by the surface tension, so that the lacquer liquid is evenly distributed. This process is called the leveling process. In addition to the influence of the leveling effect, the uniformity of the paint film is also affected by the action of gravity, which is the result of the combined force of the two.

enameled rectangular copper wire

3. Wetting phenomenon--- The mercury droplets are condensed into an elliptical shape on the glass plate, and the water droplets are spread on the glass plate to form a thin layer with a slightly convex center, the former being non-wetting and the latter being wet. Wetting is a manifestation of molecular force. If the attraction between liquid molecules is less than the attraction between liquid and solid, the liquid will wet the solid, and the liquid can be evenly coated on the surface of the solid; If the attraction between the liquid molecules is greater than the attraction between the liquid and the solid, the liquid will not wet the solid, and the liquid will shrink into a mass on the solid surface. All of the liquids are capable of wetting certain solids without wetting other solids. The angle between the tangent of the liquid surface and the tangent of the solid surface is called the contact angle, the contact angle is less than 90° liquid wet solid, and the liquid is not wetted by 90° or more.

If the surface of the copper wire of the enamelled flat copper wire is bright and clean, a layer of paint can be applied. If the surface is stained with oil, it affects the contact angle between the two interfaces of the wire and the paint liquid, and the paint liquid changes from wet to non-wetting. If the copper wire is hard, the surface molecular lattice arrangement is irregular, and the gravitational pull of the paint is small, which is not conducive to the wetting of the copper wire by the paint liquid.
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