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Enameled rectangular ultra fine copper wire
The lacquer surface of our enameled rectangular ultra fine copper wire is made of polyurethane or polyimide. It has good insulation and electrical conductivity, low electrical resistivity and no noise.

Diameter Range (mm): a:0.025-0.4mm b:0.25-3mm
Heat resistance rating (℃): 200, 220
Color: natural color, red, blue, green
Package: Wood spools, plastic spools or customized according to customer requirements.
Breakdown voltage: 2500/5000V
Resistivity: 0.017241/0.02785 Ω mm2/m

ultra fine magnet copper wire
Typical uses for ultra fine magnet copper wire we produce include: electronic transformers, micro-motors, computer connectors, or other applications. It has outstanding high temperature resistance and can work at 220 °C for a long time.

The process for producing ultra fine magnet copper wire is: paying line→annealing→painting→baking→cooling→lubricating→winding. Painting is a process in which a lacquer-coated lacquer is applied to a rectangular bare copper wire to form a uniform lacquer layer of a certain thickness. A common method of painting enamelled copper wire is felt lacquering, and one is lacquering. Regardless of the lacquering method, each time after a very thin lacquer, it is dried in an oven and then lacquered into an oven to dry, and after a plurality of times, a certain required film thickness is achieved.

Felt painting method:
The felt painting method has a simple structure and convenient operation. As long as the felt is flatly clamped on both sides of the wire with a felt splint, the felt is loose, soft, elastic, and multi-porous to form a die hole. Scrap off excess paint on the wire and apply a uniform paint solution by absorbing, storing, transporting, and replenishing the paint.

Felt painting method is not suitable for enamelled copper wire lacquers whose solvent volatilization is too fast or too viscous. Excessive volatilization and excessive viscosity will cause the pores of the felt to clog quickly and lose its good elasticity and absorption capacity.

ultra fine magnet wire

The use of felt painting must pay attention to:
1)    The distance between the felt fixture and the oven inlet. Considering the factors such as leveling and gravity after painting, the distance between the felt and the paint cylinder is 50-80 mm, and the distance between the felt and the furnace mouth is 200-250 mm.

2)    Felt specifications : When coating the ultra fine magnet copper wire of coarse specification, the felt is required to be wide, thick, soft, elastic, and has many capillary holes, so that the felt is easy to form a relatively large die hole in the painting, and the amount of paint storage is large, and the painting is fast. Thin, thin, fine, and fine pores are required when applying fine lines. Woolen cloth can be used to wrap the felt to form a fine, soft surface that is less uniform and uniform.

3)    The quality of the felt : Painting requires the use of fiber-quality, high-quality wool felt.The fat content is less than 0.5%, the pH is pH=7, flat, and the thickness is uniform.

ultra fine enameled magnet wire

4)    Felt splint requirements : The splint must be finely machined, not rusted, and maintain a flat contact surface with the felt, which cannot be bent or deformed. Depending on the diameter of the wire, prepare splints of different weights, and try to control the tightness of the felt by the self-gravity of the splint, and avoid pressing with elastic screws or springs. The method of self-gravity pressing enables the paint layers of the individual wires to be fairly uniform.

5)    Felt should have a good fit with the paint : The paint supply can be controlled by adjusting the number of revolutions of the paint roller while the paint remains unchanged. The felt and the splint and the wire are positioned so that the die holes are level with the wire to maintain a uniform pressure on the wire around the wire. The horizontal position of the guide roller of the horizontal enamelling machine should be lower than the top of the paint roller, and the height of the top of the paint roller and the center of the felt interlayer must be on the same horizontal line. In order to ensure the film thickness and smoothness of the ultra fine magnet copper wire, it is advisable to use a small cycle for painting. The paint liquid is drawn into the large paint tank, and the circulating paint is drawn into the small paint tank from the large paint tank. As the paint is consumed, the paint in the large paint tank is continuously replenished with a small paint tank to maintain a uniform viscosity and solid content of the paint in the small paint tank.

6)    After a period of use, the capillary can be blocked by copper powder on the copper wire or other impurities in the paint. Broken wires, glued wires or joints in production will also cause scratches on the soft and even surface of the felt. The wire is damaged by friction with the felt for a long time, and the temperature at the furnace mouth hardens the felt, so it needs to be replaced regularly.
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