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Enameled square copper wire
The enameled square copper wire we produce refers to a magnet wire made of a square bare copper wire and made of polyurethane or polyimide as an insulating layer. The product has ultra-high heat resistance, can work at 220 °C for a long time, and has good solvent resistance and refrigerant resistance.
Diameter Range (mm): a(b): 0.4mm-7mm
Heat resistance rating (℃): 180, 200, 220
Standard: IEC60317-0-2,IEC60317-29 MW36-A
Color: natural color, red, blue, green
Package: 150kg wooden spool, plastic spool, and according to customer requirements.
Breakdown voltage: 2500/5000V
Resistivity: 0.017241/0.02785 Ω mm2/m
enameled square copper wire
The process of producing enameled square copper wire is: paying line→annealing→painting→baking→cooling→lubricating→retracting.
Enameled square copper wire:
On a functioning espresso machine, the operator's energy and physical strength are mostly consumed in the pay-off part. Replacing the pay-off reel allows the operator to pay a lot of labor. When the line is changed, the joint is prone to quality problems and operational failures. An effective method is to put a large capacity.

enameled square copper magnet wire
The key to the discharge is to control the tension. When the tension is large, not only the conductor is drawn, but also the surface of the wire is lost, and the performance of the enameled wire is also affected. From the outside, the drawn enameled copper wire has a poor gloss; In terms of performance, enameled wire elongation, resilience, flexibility, and thermal shock are all affected. The tension of the take-up thread is too small, and the line is easy to jump, causing the line and the line to touch the furnace mouth. When the line is released, the tension is too large, and the tension of the half ring is small. This not only makes the wire loose and broken, but also stretches for a period of time, and it also causes the big jump of the inner wire of the oven, causing the line and the line to be faulty. The tension of the take-up thread should be uniform and appropriate.
The installation of a booster wheel in front of the annealing furnace is very helpful in controlling the tension. The soft copper wire has a maximum unstretching tension of about 15 kg/mm 2 at room temperature, and a maximum unstretching tension of about 7 kg/mm 2 at 400 ° C; The maximum unstretching tension at 460 ° C is 4 kg / mm 2; The maximum unstretching tension at 500 ° C was 2 kg/mm 2 . In the normal enameled copper wire coating process, the tension of the enameled wire is significantly less than the non-extension tension, which is required to be controlled at about 50%, and the tension of the pay-off wire is controlled to be about 20% of the tension.

enameled square copper magnet wire
Large-size large-capacity spools generally use radial rotary pay-offs; medium-sized conductors generally use over-end or brush-type pay-offs; fine-size conductors generally use brush-type or double-cone-type payoffs.
Regardless of the type of pay-off method, the structure and quality of the bare copper wire spool of the enameled square copper wire are strictly required:
----The surface should be smooth to ensure that the wire is not scratched.
----The angle of 2-4mm radius on both sides of the shaft core and the side plate to ensure balanced release during the line release process.
---- After the spool is processed, it must be tested for static and static balance.
----The brush thread releaser requires the core diameter: the side plate diameter is less than 1:1.7; the end end line requirement is less than 1:1.9, otherwise the wire breakage will occur when the wire is released to the shaft core.
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