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Fiberglass covered insulated aluminum wire
The fiberglass covered insulated aluminum wire is a kind of magnet wire, the insulating layer is a glass wire, and the conductor is a bare aluminum wire. Our fiberglass covered aluminum wire has round and flat wires, which have good insulation properties and good mechanical strength. Mainly used in: high frequency transformers, solar inverters, inductors, wireless chargers, etc.

Diameter Range (mm): Round copper wire: 1.0-7.0mm;flat copper wire: a:1-5.6mm;b:3-35mm;
Heat resistance rating (℃): 155,180,200
Package: 30kg/50kg/150kg,wooden spool, and according to customer requirements.

fiberglass insulated covered aluminum wire

Fiberglass covered insulated aluminum wire:
1. Features and advantages.
2. High frequency resistance.
3. When winding, the coils are arranged neatly and the Q value is high.
4. Compared with other enameled wires, due to the protection of the wire, the wire damage during winding is reduced, and the electrical performance is better.
5. Self-adhesive wire wrapped with high adhesion, fast forming; environmentally friendly and harmless (hot air bonding type).
6. Straight welding performance is good, and there are few solder residues.

fiberglass insulated aluminum wire

Fiberglass insulated covered aluminum wire is made of alkali-free glass wire as insulation layer. In detail, the fiberglass covered wire has the following models:

Fiberglass covered aluminum wire production process:
The fiberglass covered aluminum wire is uniformly wrapped with 1-2 layers of alkali-free glass fiber on the aluminum conductor, and then baked to bond the glass fiber and the conductor together. The insulation layer has a certain degree of wear resistance, adhesion, flexibility and voltage resistance, and has thermal shock resistance and overload resistance. It is generally suitable for medium and large capacity electrical and mechanical products.

fiberglass covered aluminum wire
Generally, the fiberglass insulated covered aluminum wire has a large insulation thickness. On the one hand, the glass filament can reduce the thickness of the insulation. On the other hand, during the high-temperature baking process, the polyester fiber is melted, and the glass fibers are more firmly adhered, thereby greatly improving the adhesion and mechanical strength of the insulation layer.

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