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Fiberglass covered copper wire
The fiberglass covered insulated copper wire refers to a magnet wire made of glass wire as an insulating layer and a bare copper wire as a conductor. It has the characteristics of good insulation performance and high mechanical strength. Used in precision electrical equipment. The glass wire covered by us has two kinds of round wire and flat wire.

Diameter Range (mm): Round copper wire: 1.0-7.0mm;flat copper wire: a:1-5.6mm;b:3-35mm;
Heat resistance rating (℃): 155,180,200
Package: 30kg/50kg/150kg,wooden spool, and according to customer requirements.

fiberglass covered copper wire

Fiberglass covered copper wire made of round copper wire and flat copper wire can be used in motor and electrical windings. The fiberglass covered copper wire has the following models: SBEC double fiberglass wrapped round copper wire, SBEBC double fiberglass wrapped flat copper wire. QQSBC: Single fiberglass high-strength enameled round copper wire, QZSBC: single fiberglass high-strength polyester enameled round copper wire.

For the above four types of wire package, QQSBC has an operating temperature of 125 ° C, QZSBC has an operating temperature of 135 ° C, and SBEC and SBEBC have an operating temperature of 150 ° C.

fiberglass covered wires manufacturers

The advantages of our fiberglass covered copper wire:
1. Has strong heat resistance and electrical strength.
2. The product uses high quality raw materials.
3. The product has very strong wear resistance.

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Polyester silk covered wire:
Polyester is used as the wrapping material of fiberglass magnet wire. The biggest feature of polyester silk covered wire is its direct weldability. It can be directly welded during use, avoiding the false welding caused by the unevenness of the sand head and improving the welding quality. Its insulation performance, high frequency performance, heat resistance, etc., are higher than the natural silk covered wire. After repeated testing, the product has a Q value and an inductance value L which are higher than or equal to the similar polyester silk covered wire. Polyester yarn is a kind of chemical fiber product. It is rich in resources and its price is 70% lower than that of natural silk. Polyester silk covered wire is a promising magnet wire product.

fiberglass insulated copper wire

Yarn covered copper wire
Use cotton yarn as the conductor of the insulation cladding. It is made up of bare or enameled wire wrapped with one or two layers of cotton yarn. High temperature resistance, can be improved after dipping treatment, and it is not easy to damage the insulation layer.
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