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kapton magnet copper wire
Kapton copper magnet wire is a magnet wire with a polyimide film material (also known as PI) as an insulating layer and a bare copper wire as a conductor. It has excellent chemical stability, high temperature resistance, toughness, wear resistance, flame retardancy, electrical insulation and the like.

Kapton copper magnet wire can be used for electrical insulation of motors, magnetic wires and cables; Due to its inherent barrier properties, it can also be used to make fire barriers and food packaging materials for aircraft and ships.

kapton magnet wire

Diameter Range (mm): Round copper wire: 1.5-4.0mm;flat copper wire: a:1-5.6mm;b:3-16mm;
Heat resistance rating (℃): 240
Package: 30kg/50kg/150kg,wooden spool, and according to customer requirements.

kapton magnet copper wire

The advantages of our company's Kapton copper magnet wire:
1.  The company has advanced technology equipment and technology level, perfect testing means, and the quality of the products produced is guaranteed.
2.  Our Kapton copper magnet wire insulation is made of high quality F46 polyimide.
3.  The high temperature resistance can reach 290 °C and the breakdown voltage reaches 7200 volts.
4.  High friction resistance, high strength, high insulation, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, resistance to organic solvents, non-toxicity, and good mechanical properties.
5.  The product can perform well even in a very harsh motor environment.
6.  Small thickness tolerance range and good electrical insulation performance.

Kapton wrapped insulated magnet wire

Kapton copper magnet wire has excellent performance because Kapton polyimide films have special advantages not found in other polymer film materials:
1.   Kapton can withstand extreme temperatures from 269°C to 400°C in a short time. Can be used at 240 degrees Celsius for a long time.
2.   Kapton is flame retardant and self-extinguishing, and is only coked at a high temperature of 800 °C.
3.   Kapton does not melt at high temperatures.
4.   Kapton is highly chemically inert and insoluble in any known organic solvents.
5.   Kapton has strong radiation protection
6.   Among all known film materials, KAPTON is the only film that can withstand corona discharge.
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