Precautions for the use of enamelled copper magnet wire
Enamelled round copper wire is the main raw material for motors, electrical appliances and household appliances. Especially in recent years, the power industry has achieved sustained and rapid growth, and the rapid development of household appliances has brought a wider field to the application of enameled square copper wire. What followed was a higher demand for the enameled copper winding wire. The enamelled copper magnet wire we produce has 14, 18, 20, 22, 24 gauge enameled copper wire, etc. The products produced have undergone rigorous inspection.

Enamelled copper magnet wire is a main type of winding wire. It consists of two parts: conductor and insulation layer. The bare wire is annealed and softened, then baked and baked. However, it is not easy to produce a product that meets both the standard requirements and the customer requirements. It is affected by factors such as raw material quality, process parameters, production equipment, and environment. Therefore, the quality characteristics of various enameled wires are different, but they all have four properties of mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, and thermal properties.

20 gauge enamelled copper magnet wire

Let's talk about some of the precautions in the use of enameled copper winding wire:

1. Confirm the project before use. Before using the enameled copper winding wire on the winding machine, pay attention to check whether the model and specifications of the enameled wire meet the requirements, so as to avoid abnormal phenomena.

2. Careful items during handling - Since the film of the enameled wire is very thin, it is very susceptible to damage by sharp objects. Therefore, care must be taken during transportation to prevent damage to the enameled copper winding wire.

3. Storage - Firstly, the integrity of the enameled copper magnet wire outer packaging should be maintained to prevent the enameled wire from being contaminated due to the damage of the packaging; usually the enameled wire should be stored away from dust, metal debris, moisture and sunlight.

Magnet wire and enameled wire are indispensable important supporting products in the transformer industry. We should check whether there are any problems during the use of such products. If there are any problems, we must promptly repair them.