How to judge the quality of enameled copper wire
Enameled copper wire is divided into enameled round copper wire and flat enameled copper wire.Enameled flat copper wire,also called “flat copper magnet wire”.,it has an insulating layer around it and used for electrical equipment. It is used in electrical equipment, the quality of enamelled copper wire is usually judged by the following characteristics.

flat enameled copper wire

1. Uniformity of the insulation layer.
2. Good electrical characteristics ,for example:dielectric strength and insulation resistance.
3. Bending resistance and tensile properties.
4. Heat resistance.
5. Stability of working in high temperature environment.
6. Moisture proof and water resistant

If the enameled copper wire you purchase performs well in these properties, its quality is excellent. As a top enameled wire manufacturer, our products have undergone strict checks and inspections, and strive to provide outstanding performance in various performances to provide durable enameled wire products for the market. Our main products also include:enameled round aluminum wire, enameled copper clad aluminum wire and so on.