Three special purpose enameled wires
With the development of technology, the variety of enameled wire with a certain special performance is also increasing. At present, there are mainly the following:

(1) Composite coating self-adhesive enameled wire
This is a variety of enameled aluminum magnet wire that has developed along with the television industry. Various coils for motors and electrical appliances are immersed and dried after molding to form a whole. This process is time consuming, and the coil is prone to deformation during processing and causes defective products. In the television industry, special-shaped coils are required, and the impregnation process is more complicated. The composite coating self-adhesive enameled round aluminum wire can simplify the operation. Because the enameled wire is coated with an adhesive layer on the outside of the ordinary enameled wire, after the coil is formed, the coil can be bonded by heating or a large current, thereby eliminating the impregnation and drying process. The bottom layer of the paint film of the enameled square copper wire may be acetal, polyester, epoxy, etc., and the ordinary overcoating layer is a self-adhesive lacquer composed of polyethylene and phenolic resin. If the bottom layer is made of polyurethane, a composite coated enameled wire with both self-adhesive and straight solderability can be obtained. Resin with high heat resistance such as epoxy, polyester, polyamide, etc. can improve the use temperature of self-adhesive enameled wire´╝îThere are now Class F H-class self-adhesive enameled wires for small motors, closed coils, transformers and places where high requirements are required.


(2) Single-coat self-adhesive straight solder enameled wire
Polyurethane over-coating butyral can produce self-adhesive solderable enameled rectangular copper wire. However, the manufacturing process of the composite coating enameled wire is complicated and limited. Single-coated and self-adhesive straight-welding enameled wire, its paint film structure is similar to polyurethane, but it has not been widely promoted due to its high bonding temperature.

(3) Non-magnetic polyurethane enameled wire
The enameled wire has a very low ferromagnetic content, and the polyurethane has good solderability and high frequency resistance. It is suitable for high-sensitivity advanced electrical instruments and precision electrical instruments, such as millivoltmeters, micro-amps, advanced multimeters, etc. .