Stripping of enameled aluminum wire
In order to weld the lead enameled round aluminum wire, it is necessary to remove the paint.. There are many ways to remove paint: 1. You can use a knife to scrape. 2. The paint can be worn away with a grinding wheel. 3. Can use paint remover. 4. You can use high temperature tin to paint. 5. Can be stripped with paint stripper.

1.    Stripping with a blade, the most traditional, not much technical content, With professional tools, the surface damage of aluminum wire is relatively small. Because there is no high temperature, no oxide film is formed on the aluminum surface, and the wire does not become brittle. However, the efficiency is too low, and it is only suitable for the stripping of enameled round aluminum wire, with a relatively large diameter. The enameled round aluminum wire, with a diameter of 0.5 mm or less is not suitable. Because the thin wire is very easy to be scraped and the surface is burred, it is not good for welding.

supper enameled aluminum wire

2.    Stripping with a grinding wheel. Whether you are using a wire wheel or a fiber wheel, the temperature of the aluminum wire rises rapidly with high-speed friction during the process of grinding the aluminum enamel wire, accompanied by a high-speed flow of air, the surface of the aluminum wire. It will be rapidly oxidized and will be difficult to handle after oxidation. In addition, due to the different materials of the grinding wheel, in general, the super enameled aluminium wire of the wire wheel is yellowed, and the super enameled aluminium wire of the fiber wheel is gray or black. In short, the color of the aluminum wire that is ground by the wire wheel or the fiber wheel is not the silver white of the aluminum itself. The thick wire is oxidized to a small extent after being ground by the grinding wheel, and the silver wire is also seen, and the thin wire effect is much worse, and Thin lines are easily broken and become brittle after grinding.

3.    Paint stripping with paint stripper, stripping efficiency is very low, Take off the enameled round aluminum wire of 130, the speed is OK, the enameled round aluminum wire of 150, 180, 220 is very slow. The paint remover has less damage to the enameled round aluminum wire. In general, it is a good method, but it is not suitable for high temperature enameled round aluminum wire. In addition, the paint remover is generally alkaline, the metal of aluminum is an amphoteric metal, the acid can corrode it, and the alkali can also be used. Therefore, after removing the paint with a paint stripper, it must be rinsed with water, and the paint remover is relatively easy. Soluble in water or alcohol.